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Adapt to rapidly changing AI landscape ensuring readiness for next-generation AI ( AGI).

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Maintain top-tier security and full compliance with EU regulations like AI Act and ISO27001.

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Accelerate task completion, and improve overall efficiency within the enterprise fully AI-driven process.

Capable AI Agents

Autonomously perform, data harvesting, analysis, and reporting, improving decision-making and operational efficiency.

Optimized for optionality

Seamlessly integrate diverse AI models and tools across your enterprise, regardless of vendor.

Access Control

Robust access management systems that ensure secure and controlled access to AI functionalities.

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Case Studies

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AML screening

Boosting Anti-Money Laundering (AML) review processes through the integration of AI-driven solutions. By automating data collection, employing data collecting agents, and enhancing data management, the bank achieved a 40% reduction in processing time and significantly improved risk detection accuracy.


1. User prompt

-> Perform a full AML review of a client tax id:34294


2. Internal Wiki

Check current Bank procedures and policies regarding AML


3. Internal CRM

Collect customer transaction history and account activities


4. National registers

Review client government data in multiple registers


5. Final Database

Generate a complete report on the client, store it to Dynamix as a .txt

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